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5 Benefits Of Changing Your Car’s Air Filters

vIf you have a car, it’s recommended that you change the air filter regularly. Here are some of the benefits of doing so:

You increase your car’s performance

Dirty car filters reduce the amount of air that flows into the car’s engine. When the amount of air in the engine is limited, the car doesn’t spend the amount that it’s supposed to and as a result, its performance goes down. Studies have consistently shown that cars with clean filters are by far more effective than those with dirty filters.

You protect your car from damage

Filters prevent foreign particles from getting access to the inside of the car’s engine. Even when a small particle gets into the engine it can cause a lot of damage to the moving parts. The damage gets worse as more particles get into the engine. A clean car filter traps all the air debris ensuring that none gets into the engine. This protects your car from damage. Since the car and the engine aren’t damaged, they last for a long time.

You increase the efficiency of the car

Studies by experts show that clean car filters increase the car’s efficiency by up to 14%. The reason for this is because there is plenty of clean air in the engine thus the car doesn’t strain burning fuel. Due to the efficiency, you spend less money than when the car is running on a dirty air filter.

You reduce car emissions

Dirty filters reduce air flow to the engine thus affecting emission control systems. Faulty emission control systems result to an incorrect air-fuel mixture. When the fuel mixture is too much, it can result in engine deposits resulting to a lot of emissions. In addition to the high emissions, it’s also common for the car to consume more fuel than it should.

Changing the car filter

As you have seen, there are plenty of benefits that come with replacing your car filter. The cool thing with air filter replacement is that you can do it on your own. When replacing the filters, ensure that you replace them with identical ones designed for the exact match and model of car. Car filters come in different shapes, designs, and sizes; therefore, you should first remove the one in the car and buy a similar one that resembles it. For ideal results, ensure that you buy from a reputable store.

We Keep Cars Running With the Best Diagnostic and Repair Services

dIn spite of the euphoria of driving and the fabulous new car models, maintenance can often drag you down at crucial times. Situations do arise when you need urgent car service and getting it online would be the safest policy rather than be harassed in the town workshops as people frequently are. Cooperating over the upkeep of the car in prime condition would bring rich rewards.

Considering the significant role that cars play in our competitive lifestyles of daily commuting across crowded, noisy and polluted roads, not forgetting the risks of accidents, sometimes, patience, energy, and money would be well spent. The necessary annual maintenance of the car welfare would include oil and filter changes besides the regular washing. Other issues may crop up from time to time if something goes wrong like with the wheels or lights. The advantage of proper attention and servicing results is the car feeling and performing like new right through the long life of decades.

Whatever the issue big or small, car repair at your desktop would get things done promptly within short time frames at reasonable costs. Automobiles have been a challenge for us and the various brands of cars with their unique features and differing systems keep us on the toes. A very busy lifestyle it is for us too at the workshop, as we need to keep up to date with what is new. Diagnostics often helps to detect minor problems that could be rectified in time, which could escalate into serious problems later. Thus, a periodic check-up along with maintenance would certainly help.

In case, of dents, collisions or accidents that are very traumatic occasions, we will sincerely set things right at affordable costs. Denting and Painting is also done seamlessly within the shortest possible time.

Regarding air-conditioning systems, power enhancement, and wheel alignment, we work with diagnostic equipment that quickly restores balance and mostly automates. Scanners can quickly detect which car part is malfunctioning.

After all the expenses and the big dreams that the family or the business associates with the car, it would be a pity if user neglects or misuses. Treat the vehicles gently like a member of the household, though inanimate. Avoid being harsh with the handling of the car and avoid rough roads that may interfere with the functioning. Packages for car maintenance would be appropriate to make sure that washing, servicing, and polishing should not neglect.

Though we wish to be up to date with car models, we see lots of older vehicles. The experts have refurbished such cars with older parts should replace with authentic new fittings. Such a procedure gives new life to an aging car and energizes it like new. You could consider such up gradation of vehicle performance and longevity if necessary.

How to Find the Right Windshield Replacement Contractor?

fThere is a general consensus that windshield replacement can actually be performed by almost anyone. The glass pieces that replace it in your car are specifically shaped, and sized, to fit the make, and model of car that you drive. Almost anyone can remove the old piece and install a new one. It would be nice if auto glass replacement was that easy to do, but the truth is that you need a professional to replace any broken panels in your vehicle.

If the glass that is replaced in your car is not replaced correctly, using the proper glass pieces designed for your car, then you are in danger of them breaking at any time. When the weather heats the panels and cools the panels if they are not properly installed they can break, or fall out of the vehicle. If this happens while you are driving the car, you, or your passengers could be injured.

If your auto has broken glass panes you need to hire a professional as soon as possible before the elements of Mother Nature like sun, wind, and rain, damage the interior of your vehicle. You also risk the repair cost being greater if you wait to have the work done. A small crack can be easily fixed by an expert in this repair, but left alone it can grow until the entire windshield has to be replaced.

Places to Look for Glass Installers

If you need your glass replaced then you need someone you can trust. You can always ask friends and neighbors for glass installers they have used before. You can also call the dealership and ask them to refer you to body shops that do this type of work on the type of car that you drive.

You can call the Better Business Bureau, and the chamber of commerce in your town and ask for local recommendations. You can even do an internet search to find companies near you that do this type of work. You always want to check the credentials of any company before you hire them to do work on your property.

When you are looking for someone to do this glass replacement, or windshield replacement, you need to ask the following questions.

• How much experience do they have?
• Do they accept my insurance?
• What types of glass can they replace?
• Where is their shop located?
• Will they come to my location to replace my glass?
• How soon can they do the work?

Important Things To Know About Armored Personnel Carriers

qArmored personnel carriers, also known as APCs, have played important roles in various military operations for several years now. Most modern APCs offer enhanced protection and enable safer infantry deployment in high-risk areas.

There are many armored personnel carriers that are available in the market today. However, vehicles can be customized and transformed into armored personnel carriers as well. The big problem with choosing to have a vehicle armored is that there are many factors to consider. This is because the amount and kinds of armor a vehicle can withstand will be limited by the suspension, brakes, and weight capacity of the vehicle. Most armored vehicles usually have modified suspensions and brakes to accommodate the added weight. This whole process can take a long time and it will be a costly venture as well. Because of this, many interested buyers (companies, organizations, or individuals) of armored personnel carriers choose to purchase ones that are already out in the market or ready to be sold to save time and even some money.

Armored personnel carriers are vehicles usually seen in high-threat or high-risk areas. This is because threat levels in these areas are always changing and may escalate within a matter of minutes. Machine guns, rifles, bombs, RPG’s, and hand grenades are common threats. As such, aside from the military and police force, many wealthy people and businesses own armored vehicles in these regions to thwart kidnapping and coup attempts.

In general, the ones used by military and peacekeeping forces would have considerable more armor capable of defeating all small arms. They would be bigger in space to accommodate more passengers and have more vehicle-mounted weapons. Because of this, bombs and other incendiaries pose little to no threat this type of vehicle. These high quality armored personnel carriers though are only for sale to government and police agencies and recognized government contractors that licensed and authorized to purchase them. A lot of these vehicles are amphibious, have NBC systems and night vision installed, enabling drivers to operate them in total darkness, in almost any type of terrain and condition.

Not all countries though are lax when it comes to the operation of this type of vehicle. This means that there are nations that restrict individuals from driving armored personnel carriers just because they don’t feel safe. It would only be the military and police force and some other government agencies and peacekeeping organizations that can be allowed to own and operate such vehicles.

Armored personnel carriers provide adequate security and protection to people living or working in high-risk areas. As such, they are not vehicles that should be handled lightly. Another important thing to remember when buying this type of vehicle is that the driver should undergo proper training so that he or she will know how to properly and safely operate this vehicle.

The Best Brake Pad

dgWhen we need to have our brakes serviced and replaced, there are a vast array of manufacturers and materials to choose from. Knowing which brake pads to choose depends on differing factors, including your vehicle type and your driving style.

Some of the most popular materials for brake pad composition are semi metallic, ceramic and NAO:

Semi metallic can consist of up to 60% metal containing materials such as copper or graphite, iron powder, pieces of steel wool or wire. Semi metallic pads are also made of inorganic materials and friction modifiers, which is the bonding material that holds everything together. The pros of using the semi metallic pads is that they will last long, and have excellent heat transfer. The cons are that they will wear your rotors quicker and they may not perform the best at low temperatures. These can be used for all types of driving, including racing.

Ceramic which are made of ceramic fibers, filler made from materials that do not contain iron, materials to help bond everything together, and could contain a small amount of metal. Ceramic brake pads cost more than semi metallic but they are cleaner and quieter plus they don’t wear the rotor down as quickly as the semi metallic will. They will last longer than the semi metallic. However, they may not grab as well in colder temperatures and heat absorption is not the most optimal, so your brake system temperatures could be increased. The ceramic pads were not made for racing and would not be recommended for a vehicle that is going to do any racing, but do well for daily driving.

There are also brands that tout less conventional materials such as Kevlar or organic materials that do not contain asbestos. These are also referred to as NAO.

NAO brake pads can be made out of different fibers with a resin that binds the materials and helps them stick together. Some of these materials are rubber, glass, Kevlar, and carbon. The NAO pads do not produce a lot of dust and are easy on rotors. They don’t require a lot of heat to generate friction and are suitable for everyday driving. However, they are not recommended for performance driving. They wear out quickly compared to other types and only perform well in limited temperature ranges. The NAO pads are typically relatively inexpensive but do not last very long.

The bottom line is that not every brake pad is made equal. You need to take into consideration your driving habits and whether you want brake pads that will last and be easier on your rotors or if you are looking for a performance brake pad. Ceramic pads will last longer and be quieter while producing very little dust; they are easier on your rotors but are a little more costly. Semi metallic pads will produce more dust, will wear out the rotor quicker, but on the up side can produce a bit more “bite” or grasp while braking, and they are typically less expensive than ceramics. NAO or non-asbestos organic pads are probably going to be the least expensive but will wear out quickly and are not recommended for performance driving. They are suitable for everyday driving. Also something to remember, your fronts are usually changed twice as much as the rear because the front brakes account for approximately 70% of the braking of your vehicle.

There is always an exception to the rule but to make an informed decision when it is time to purchase new brake pads you need to know and understand your choices to make sure you purchase the brake pad that will work best for you.